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Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 II Micro Four Thirds


Sony Alpha 7 IV (ILCE-7M4) + SEL 20-70mm f/4.0 G


Gitzo Légende product kit of tripod and backpack

former MSRP* 883,56

Fujifilm X-T5 Body black

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Rollei Frame Flipper


Swarovski EL Range 10x42 orange

MSRP* 4.010,-
Nikon Einsteigerkurs gratis

Nikon Z5 + Z 24-200mm f/4.0-6.3 VR Nikon Z



MSRP* 549,-

Canon EOS R7 Body

MSRP* 1.599,-

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Photography Blog

Camera Basic #20 - Open Gate and its advantages for social media explained
Social media has become indispensable and the technology continues to develop. Open gate technology offers the possibility of reading the full sensor for video, but what does that mean?

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Live workshop sports photography with the Sony Alpha 9 III
Sony unveiled the Alpha 9 III, a revolutionary new camera for sports photographers, at the end of 2023... Now the camera is finally here and on Saturday, February 24, you'll have the opportunity to see it live in action and try out the new features for yourself! Sports photographer Thomas Fähnrich will show you what's possible with the A9 III and how to take action-packed photos of athletes.

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The new Sony 24-50mm f/4 - standard or premium?
A new 24-50mm, yes, that's right: 24-50 with f/2.8 aperture. To be honest, we didn't expect Sony to launch such a lens on the market. We took a look at the new lens. You can find out what it can do compared to the many other standard zooms from Sony in this blog post with video.

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Hands On: Sigma 500mm DG DN S
The Olympics are just around the corner! That means we can look forward to seeing what lenses will be released this year! With this extremely compact full-frame telephoto fixed focal length with an incredible 500mm, a first bolide is coming onto the market for Sony Fe and L-Mount.

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Fujifilm X100VI - The camera everyone has been waiting for!
Hardly any other camera has been as sought after in recent years as the Fujifilm X100V! Now there is finally a successor that has fulfilled all our expectations! We'll show you what they are in this blog post with video!

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Small luggage when traveling - experiences with Fuji and Nikon
A year ago, photographer Hans-Jürgen Sommer reported on his experiences with fast, manual lenses in flamenco photography in a very exciting article. In the meantime, he has also discovered his love for travel photography. In this guest article, he shows that good travel subjects are sometimes not that far away and that even comparatively small luggage is capable of taking great pictures.

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Review of the Nikon Z f retro camera with full-frame sensor
Finally, after its launch in October 2023, we were able to present the Nikon Z f a vintage sister of the Nikon Z6 II with the more modern autofocus system of the larger Z9/Z8 models. However, the focus here is not on the design, but also on the features of the camera! Manual lenses with electronic contact benefit enormously here.

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Guide: Cameras for wildlife photography 2024
Animal photography has been as trendy since 2023 as it was last in 2020, which is why we would like to introduce the best current cameras for animal photography to the beginners and professionals among you.

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Guide to moon photography
There are not only a few myths and stories from the past few years about our celestial satellite, but it is also more than ever the focus of astronomers, scientists and the like. In this article, we want to give you the best tips on equipment and settings for the perfect photo of the moon.

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Test of the new OM-1 Mark II and the M.Zuiko 150-600mm
Perfect for any outdoor adventure: these are the new OM-1 Mark II and the M.Zuiko 150-60mm. We took a detailed look at the new products from OM System - find out what makes them so special in our blog post with video

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Test of the Canon RF-70-200mm f 2.8
The Canon RF 70-200mm f 2.8 has probably long been on many people's wish lists. Marc Jeworrek has tested everything this lens can do for us in detail.

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Camera Basics #19: Tilt shift lenses and the effect explained
The tilt shift effect is certainly an old shoe for many photographers, but this effect is very interesting to consider because it can be found in many facets of photography, so the use of tilt shift optics is not only at home in architectural photography.

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In our more than 100-year history, we have become a fixture in the Düsseldorf and nationwide photo scene. The branch is located in the heart of the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia on Schadowstraße.
Of course, in the current times we have worked out an effective hygiene concept, so that your visit is as safe as possible.
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