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Calendar of events Foto Koch

Foto Koch Calendar of events

Foto Koch in D?sseldorf regularly hosts information days, promotions, short workshops and other events. There you can find out about new innovations and proven technology from specialists and pick up tips and tricks on the way to better pictures


several dates: Workshops at the Foto Koch Academy

06.05. guest Fujifilm expert

10.-11.05. Fujifilm expert as guest

16.05th Creative Mindset Stammtisch - 6th floor academy - Shankar: Registration

17.-18.05. Fujifilm expert as guest

23.-25.05. Fujifilm expert as guest

27.05th Fujifilm expert guest

31.05th Fujifilm expert guest


several dates: Workshops at the Foto Koch Academy

01.06. Fujifilm expert as guest

03.06. Fujifilm expert as guest

06.06. Fujifilm expert as guest

08.06 - 09.06 Photo + Adventure in Duisburg

10.06. Fujifilm expert as guest

13.06-15.06. Fujifilm expert as guest

13.06. Creative Mindset Stammtisch - 6te Etage Akademie - Shankar: Registration

21.06 - 22.06 FOTOTAGE & Messe-Deals


several dates: Workshops at the Foto Koch Academy

18.07. Creative Mindset Stammtisch - 6te Etage Akademie - Shankar: Registration


several dates: Workshops at the Foto KochAcademy

22.08. Creative Mindset Stammtisch - 6te Etage Akademie - Shankar: Registration

Top events

26. June | Hobolite Webinar - Continuous light in pet photography

Are you passionate about pet photography? Want to capture stunning portraits of pets that really shine? Join renowned commercial and editorial photographer Elke Vogelsang for an exclusive webinar and learn the secrets behind her mesmerizing pet portraits and why she uses Hobolite LED lighting.

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2. July | LIVE-TALK: Leica D-Lux 8 - More than a lifestyle camera | with Paul Hüttemann

On Tuesday 2 July, we will be talking to photographer and filmmaker Paul Hüttemann about the new Leica D-Lux 8, the new premium compact camera from Wetzlar. In our conversation with Paul, we will find out what the camera is capable of, how it helps you to capture the really special moments and whether it is perhaps even more than just a lifestyle camera!

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Online workshops

Our online workshops - learn from the comfort of your own home!

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Exhibition humor - from the snapshot

The new exhibition 'Humor' borrows from our Schnappschuss Magazine. The great artists bring with their pictures fun and joy for a short moment in the eyes of the viewer and the viewer

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LIVE PODCAST: Self-employed with portrait photography? | With Vanessa Wunsch + Good Shots Only

In an exclusive live episode of their photography podcast "Good Shots Only", Paula Kiel and Alina Berger spoke to portrait + commercial photographer Vanessa Wunsch about her path to self-employment. Find out when and how you can best gain a foothold in photography and how to turn your hobby into a career in the new live episode Good Shots Only!

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Workshops & Co.

Take your photography to the next level!

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Live workshop sports photography with the Sony Alpha 9 III

Sony unveiled the Alpha 9 III, a revolutionary new camera for sports photographers, at the end of 2023... Now the camera is finally here and on Saturday, February 24, you'll have the opportunity to see it live in action and try out the new features for yourself! Sports photographer Thomas Fähnrich will show you what's possible with the A9 III and how to take action-packed photos of athletes.

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Camera Basics #19: Tilt shift lenses and the effect explained

The tilt shift effect is certainly an old shoe for many photographers, but this effect is very interesting to consider because it can be found in many facets of photography, so the use of tilt shift optics is not only at home in architectural photography.

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Live-Talk: On safari in Botswana - with Lisa + Paul Hüttemann

Lisa and Paul Hüttemann talk about their trip to Botswana, the challenges of photographing in the wilderness and the journey of the pictures from the camera to the printed magazine.

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