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Camera Basics #21: Getting started with sports photography

We confidently say that this article is one of the best ever for sports photography. In the guide, we also try to cover the various equipment decisions and how to find the perfect settings.

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Always take it easy: tripods from Hama

Photography that goes beyond family photos as souvenirs, for example, and should also meet higher demands, cannot do without a tripod. A steady hand is usually not enough, especially for shots that require a long exposure time. Hama offers different types of tripods for different purposes: Tripods provide the highest stability and can also be placed safely on uneven terrain. Monopods are somewhat lighter and take up less space when set up, but are less stable. Table tripods can be clamped to the table, allowing you to take razor-sharp photos, especially in your own home. Most Hama tripods have tripod or ball heads that allow them to be precisely aligned with the object. Attached spirit levels make it possible to take photos from a horizontal position despite unevenness. All Hama tripods are made of high-quality materials, ranging from aluminum, the most grateful material in terms of easy transport, to magnesium, carbon and plastic. This means that even the highest demands are met and sharp photos can be taken from a steady position at all times.