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11. April | LIVE-TALK: Natural wonder Iceland - Between fire + ice

In our live talk, we take you to the breathtaking landscape of Iceland. Join us on a virtual journey through the north and experience the fascination of the forces of nature up close. Sebastian Lehrke, landscape photographer and speaker, shares his experiences from his Iceland expeditions with us. In recent years, he has impressively documented the beauty and at the same time the danger of Icelandic nature.

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When equipment needs to be packed safely

If you have a lot of photo equipment, you want to transport it safely! The flight cases are perfect for this, these hard cases are the companion for every scenario. If you want to store your equipment space-saving & safely, will make the right choice with a plastic or aluminum photo case.

These hard-shell cases are designed for outdoor use and are relatively light, as they must also be suitable for flying. Anyone who flies more often knows that cases are often not handled very squeamishly. The photo cases from Nanuk are not only characterized by their impact resistance, but also by their waterproofness.

Expensive equipment should be protected! That is why locks can be attached to many cases. Other lens cases / photo equipment cases have partly already installed locks, others even have pressure equalization valves. Hard cases belong to the standard of the film industry, because they are suitable for any lens and any camera and are independent of the prevailing weather conditions. Be it snow, rain, thunderstorms or the heat of the desert.

Another advantage of the photo case made of polypropylene, lies in the price which is relatively cheap in comparison to the protection & storage space it offers.

The layout of the photo case

For cameras, lenses and accessories, the flight case interior must be a very snug fit to ensure protection in the event of a fall. For this purpose, the interiors of most cases can be adjusted accordingly.

The interior of the various cases is either lined with nap foam & cube foam, or with inlays which are then shifted.