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Godox 5-in-1

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With Sony cameras + lenses to the portrait master

Looking for the perfect equipment for stunning portraits? Then Sony is the answer! With their Alpha cameras and G, as well as G-Master lenses, you can set new standards in portrait photography. Unleash your creativity and experience unparalleled image quality.

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Free live consultation

Your individual consultation - from the comfort of your sofa

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Helios 5in1 30cm

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Walimex 145x200cm

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Perfect lighting made easy

Whether for the amateur or professional photographer, reflectors give full control over the light and allow it to be shaped easily. The existing ambient light can be specifically redirected, and certain image areas that are in the shade can be brightened. The handling is very simple and effective.

Reflectors are the ideal companions outdoors and indoors, because they offer versatile and creative ways to work with light. In addition, they are very practical, as they are very light and can be easily folded back to a compact size after use. They can be optimally used for portraits, but also for factual photography. The reflector is directed to the existing light source (for example, the sun) until the light is reflected so that the subject appears in the desired light. To do this, you can hold the reflector yourself, have an assistant hold it or fix it with the help of a tripod.

Reflectors are available in different sizes and shapes, but also with different coatings. The most common are the gold and silver coatings, each of which creates a different effect. While the gold coating provides warm colors and beautiful skin tones, the silver coating is ideal for high contrasts and strong reflections.

Without reflector the subject is in shadow
With reflector the subject is brightened up